Tony Arcudi

ARCUDI WINES – “Pure in spirit, and vineyard.”

With Arcudi wines, Tony seeks to channel something greater than himself.

His mission is to capture the most expressive parts of Napa Valley, delivering limited production, single-vineyard wines with minimal intervention in the cellar. To highlight, rather than manipulate, the characteristics of a location. To convey the personality and attributes of each site in the wine itself. And to tell the purest story possible of that site in each vintage. He likes to say that he’s “In a partnership with Mother Nature, but she has majority share.”

In a way, Tony has always been moved by forces beyond his control. For years, he tried to convince himself that working in the Navy and the tech sector was the responsible thing to do. Then, at 38, he surrendered to the calling he’d been fighting all along. He quit his job and moved cross-country to become a winemaker.

Tony had to battle rejection, hardship, and self-doubt. But a Regents scholarship to UC Davis –then a fellowship enabling him to learn at the Maison M. Chapoutier winery in France– signaled that he was on the right track. A chance meeting with renowned winemaker Heidi Barrett led to a position as her assistant, and a lasting friendship. Becoming consulting winemaker to Kapcsandy Family Wines after only ten years in the business was further proof: Tony was finally where he was meant to be.

Now, with the Arcudi label, he continues to let more powerful forces guide him- striving to bring the purest single-vineyard expressions of Napa Valley’s best sites to your table.