Wine is about a location, a place, and I’ve always been fascinated with how vines reflect their location in the wines they produce: how Cabernet grown in two different places—even vines grown just yards apart from each other—can yield two different wines.

We all know the importance of soils, climate, elevation and other factors in producing fine wines. But sometimes there’s an alchemy to a location that results in a wine that is incredibly complex and flavorful with a personality that just stops you in your tracks. These “sweet spots” exist throughout the great winegrowing regions, and may be a single vineyard or just a few rows of vines within a vineyard.

Napa Valley has one of most diverse soil profiles of any winegrowing region. So the combination of these soils, along with the varying topography and microclimates found here, results in a bounty of varied and distinctly different growing sites.

My goal is to seek out and discover its “sweet spots” and let them shine. By their very nature, these will be small-production wines—typically a few hundred cases at most. And by using minimal intervention in the cellar to highlight, rather than manipulate, the wine’s characteristics, I can be sure that each will resonate with the purity and the personality of the site it came from. Each bottle telling a story of that site in that vintage.

—Tony Arcudi